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25 Ways to Fight Depression and Brighten Your Day

One sure fire way to annihilate your sadness is to learn something new or become an expert at something, anything. Knowledge is power and power helps you feel in control and control helps you feel like you can accomplish more. Viola, the sadness starts to go away. Here are 25 simple suggestions to help you take control of your midlife depression:

  1. Master one amazing dinnertime meal and share with friends.
  2. Learn to sew. Make something new for yourself or a family member.
  3. Take a watercolor class. Allow yourself to be creative.
  4. Write a short story.
  5. Learn how to make one amazing cocktail.
  6. Volunteer. Choose a cause that is meaningful to you and volunteer your time to help the cause.
  7. Learn a new language.
  8. Learn a magic trick.
  9. Memorize a joke.
  10. Take a class on improving your memory online. Don?t forget you enrolled.
  11. Find an author you love and read every book they have written.
  12. Learn to play the guitar.
  13. Take piano lessons.
  14. Take up yoga, great for flexibility and concentration.
  15. Learn self defense.
  16. Take up Zumba.
  17. Learn your mom’s favorite recipe or master one from your favorite chef.
  18. Create your own blog.
  19. Learn to juggle.
  20. Learn more about your local politics and get involved.
  21. Pick a continent and learn all the countries. Become familiar with the globe.
  22. Learn to play tennis.
  23. Pick a hobby and master it.
  24. Learn one quote or scripture each month.
  25. Figure out how to fully operate an I device, i.e. your Ipad, Iphone, Ipod

Learning keeps your mind active and focuses your attention away from whatever is causing you to be blue. Midlife changes offer a number of challenges that can be opportunities to open up new horizons in your life. Learning never gets old and keeps you from doing the same.

Additional information on depression can be found at the National Institute of Mental Health.


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Great Tips! this is probably the best way to avoid depression. By diverting your attention to some other things that will keep you busy and it will lessen the things to worry.


Learn a new language? that will take some time. I find some of the tips helpful, can I add mine?

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