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A Few Minutes About “The Five Second Rule”

5 Second Rule

In today’s world of personal electronics and streaming video content, finding a reason to bring family and friends together in same room, and actually interact with one another, is as rare as a winning lotto ticket. A recently released study has shown that adults that engage in “brain training” drills retain measurable benefits up to a decade later.

Of course there are many computer games out there that can give your noggin a workout, but we at Healthy Midlife have found that winning lotto ticket in a box game called “5 Second Rule – Just Spit it Out!” by Patch games.

This game for 3 or more players is about as simple as they come, box of cards with questions, and a funky five second timer. One person asks the question, the other flips the timer at the end of said question, and the third person has five seconds to come up with three answers to the question. (Name 3 farm animals, for example.) If they do, they get that card, and the questions and timer are passed around. This continues until one player has won the number of previously determined cards. The game can vary in time depending on the number of cards need to win before the game starts.

Now I’m sure you are thinking, “OK, this sounds REALLY simple..” but I assure you it is not as easy as it sounds. With everyone staring at you; the timer making a VRRROOOP sound upon turning; and well 5 seconds is not a very long period of time. The brain tends to lock up completely, or you get two answers out and suddenly find yourself with a terminal case of the “UMMMMS”. Before you stammer the third UMMM, your time is up. Now everyone is laughing at you for not being able to think of three simple answers. In other words, this game is infectiously fun and frustrating all at the same time. It guarantees a dining room full of laughter from the whole family.

That’s it! No cunning, no strategy, no cheat codes, and no dice. Play it loose, if one realizes the question is of a topic the other player hasn’t a clue about, skip it. Make it fun and keep it going. It’s great for a family night or if your friends come over for wine and cheese.

So why is Healthy Midlife pimping a box game? Isn’t this a website about healthy living? Well yes exactly. If you can take an evening or part of an evening and be with those close to you and just laugh together. Isn’t that as good as a workout, a massage, or meditation? Forcing yourself to completely focus on something other than work, school or the next days’ stressors can do wonders. Added bonus, you just may make a few grand memories out of the evening as well.

Ok, ready? Name 3 ways to have a healthy mid-life, VRRROOOP!


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