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Body Changes in Women over 40

Is your body changing before your eyes? Have you found now that you are over 40 or over 50 your metabolism seems to have slowed down? After 40, our bodies start to go through many midlife changes.

It seems the main reason is the lack of estrogen in a woman’s body starting after 40. The lack of estrogen and other hormones makes a woman’s body process food differently. Your appetite also changes and because of the hormonal imbalance the digestion process is interrupted and your brain doesn’t get the message that you are full. Your body is tricked into thinking it’s still hungry so you continue to eat.

The lack of estrogen in your body also makes your insulin levels go up and your thyroid levels go down. This process slows down your metabolism. So you are eating more and your body isn’t burning its “fuel” efficiently.

Stress hormones increase which causes the abdomen to enlarge. The decrease in estrogen causes muscles to start to break down. The buttock is mostly muscle when you are young and when the muscle decreases that’s what causes your fanny to sag.

Offsetting this is a challenge. Increasing the amount of protein in your diet over 40 will help to offset the muscle loss. Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables also aid in digestion and help your body work more efficiently and whole foods and make you feel more full.

Fitness over 40 and 50 is important. Exercise will also offset the muscle loss. Exercise is also an excellent way to make you feel better about your over all appearance. Just 20 minutes a day can make a difference in your body shape as well as your body image. Soon you will be taking control of your destiny.

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