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Choose or Lose?

Today you have choices to make. Are you going to make a conscious choice to exercise? Are you going to make good food choices? Are you going to maintain a positive attitude and stay fit?

Life is all about choices. How are you choosing to live today?

Have a donut and coffee for breakfast or have a protein shake?

Sit on the sofa  or Follow your Fitness Program?

Complain about work or walk in to work with a positive attitude?

Grab fast food for lunch or pack a nutritious lunch?

Afternoon vending machine choice or fruit/nuts?

Take-out for dinner or prepare a healthy dinner?

As we age, making bad choices have a more negative impact on our bodies. After 40, our metabolism slows down and that cheeseburger at the drive through goes straight to our hips and makes us feel sluggish the rest of the day. Lack of exercise makes our bodies start to hurt we have more aches and pains. Negative attitudes at work and home can cause depression making us feel we are no longer in control of our lives.

Making good choices will help us find new found energy. Eating healthy makes our bodies run on all cylinders. Exercise makes your body strong and helps many health issues like diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Both eating properly and exercising regularly will benefit you if you are looking towards the weight loss path. Nothing can replace a positive outlook on life to benefit your over all physical and emotional health.

So ultimately it’s your choice. Here is to good choices and a HealthyMidlife!

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