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Have Fun at the Farmer’s Market

I have always enjoyed going to farmers markets. There used to be just produce and maybe a few crafts. Lately the farmer’s markets I have been to not only have produce and a few crafts but the sky seems to be the limit. Vendors are getting very creative.

You can find everything from handmade crafts to homemade foods. Items you can eat at the market or take home to enjoy later. There are still many booths that have fresh produce which is my main reason for going but you can find small busnesses forming selling everything you can imagine.

In my town we used to have one large farmers market and I had to drive about 20 miles to get there or settle for little roadside stands. I didn’t find myself going very often. Another large market opened a couple of years ago. Still a pretty good distance so again I didn’t go very often. More and more I’m noticing a bunch of smaller markets are popping up all over town. This is so much more convenient and because they are smaller they are not as overwhelming as the larger markets used to be.

I heard of these new markets through word of mouth. I did some digging and found there is actually a website that is tracking many of these farmer’s markets. What a great service they are doing for both the markets and the “customer”.

Take advantage of your local farmers markets. Eating fresh local whole foods is one of the best changes you can make in your diet. Now that I’m in midlife, I’m more aware of how important it is to eat my fruits and vegetables. What a better way to enjoy them when they are in season and locally grown. I hope I’ve convinced you to check out your local farmer’s market to support what they do and help yourself as well.

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