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How Can Fresh Herbs Benefit Midlife Health?

Did you know that besides improving the tastes of foods that fresh herbs actually benefit our overall health and wellness? I found many herbs that have medicinal purposes. Maybe you have some middle age health issues that could benefit from growing herbs and adding them to your food.

Rosemary – helps to trigger our immune system. It benefits people with allergies, arthritis, and circulation issues. It is a powerful antioxidant and improves blood flow to the brain, helps skin from aging and helps with early baldness.

Saffron – there is some evidence that saffron has effects on cancer cells and may help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. It can also aide in treating asthma, depression and help with painful menstrual cramps.

Horseradish – helps aide in the digestive process especially women because the gallbladder produces bile which builds up. The horseradish helps to clean out the bile.

Basil – can relieve muscular tension, helps with stress and anxiety. It can also relieve congestion, prevent heart disease, relieve migraines and relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Oregano – also an antioxidant can aid with inflammation, can relieve migraines, aid insomnia and helps with cough and cold symptoms.

Thyme – can soothe sore throats and used as an antiseptic can soothe cuts and scrapes. It benefits chest and breathing problems and can help relieve swelling joints.

Sage – aids with the digestion of fatty and oily foods, may enhance memory, can help in treating excess sweating with menopause. Can be made into a tea and drunk several times a day.

I found an excellent website that gives many more details about herbs and also includes recipes showing you how to use those herbs.

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