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How Sex Can Help Make Us Live Longer, Healthier and Look Younger in Midlife

In midlife, many of us start searching for an enchanted fountain of youth. What product will help us look and feel younger? What pill will help us relax and feel more energetic? While the local department stores might have products that claim fairy-tale results, the real magic potion might be found between the covers of your bed.

There are numerous studies claiming that the physical act of having sex can extend both the male and female lifespan, reduce reproductive cancers and elevate mood. When you reach middle age, sex becomes as emotional as it is physical. Either way a healthy midlife sex life adds excitement, confidence, desire and physical activity to your relationship.

Top 5 Health Reasons for an Active Midlife Sex Life

As a health and wellness resource, sexual intimacy offers a lot of positive benefits for those of us in middle age, for example:

1. It Reduces Stress

Quality time under the sheets can take your mind off whatever has been causing you stress. Sex releases a hormone called oxytocin, which helps you relax and feel comfortable. A 2007 study of middle aged women who reported having sex one day enjoyed a better mood and less stress the following day.

2. It Can Help us Live Longer

It appears that more sex leads to a longer life. A Welsh study followed 918 men aged 45 to 59 for 10 years and found that those who had two or more orgasms per week had 50 percent fewer instances of mortality than those who had low or no incidence of sexual activity.

3. It can Make Us Look Younger

You can save money on all the face creams, just have more sex and look years younger. Yet another study, this one of 3500 participants were viewed by a panel who were to guess their ages. Those who had sex at least three times a week, looked an average of 8-12 years younger than they were.

4. It Helps to Build Stronger Relationships

An active healthy sex life where both partners snuggled, caressed and kissed for extended periods of time culminating in mutually satisfying sexual intercourse shared strong and satisfying relationship.

5. It Can Improve Overall Health

A 2009 study of American men found that those having sex at least two times a week had a significantly lower risk of developing heart disease that those who had sex less once a month or less. Men also showed a reduced risk of prostate cancer and both men and women tended to have lower blood pressure.

It appears that sex is good for the heart and soul. A healthy midlife sex life also helps both partners deal with the common stressors associated with midlife crisis.

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