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It’s all in the ATTITUDE!!

I have found if I try to enter each situation with a positive attitude it helps. Making the best of it really does send you down the right path. I realize my attitude is even more important for my midlife health.

People are either glass half empty or glass half full. Which one are you? I think I am a half full person most of the time. I do try to look for the best in a situation. I’ve run into a lot of negative thinkers so I know you are out there. When you are a positive thinker you are prone to be positive in most situations..

I read a really good article from Mayo Clinic about how your attitude can effect your health. If you talk negatively in your head and you want to change you really should read it.

The article talks about the benefits of being positive like reducing stress, increasing you life span, lessen risk of heart issues and positive thinkers have better coping skills. As we transition in to midlife and with age can come change with lifestyle and health. Having those coping skills is essential.

If you are currently a negative thinker, being positive may take some practice. One way to do this is to practice “self-talk”. Understanding and being conscience of your negativity is a good first step. Try to put a positive spin on the situation. If you go into a new situation, don’t assume there will be problems. The more often you are positive it will be contagious and pretty soon you too will have a positive attitude.

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