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Learn How to Eat Out Healthy with These 7 Simple Dining Tips

Eating out healthy doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s simple to find ways to reduce calories and fat and make dining out a healthy experience.

I’m always on the lookout for simple ideas to improve my midlife health, especially as I’ve gained weight during my middle age years. A healthy diet for weight loss doesn’t have to end with a visit to a restaurant.

These 7 easy eating out tips can also keep us on track

1. Eat Smaller Portions: Over the years, portion sizes at restaurants have increased. But we don’t have to accept this increase in calories. Before you start eating, put half of the meal in a to-go container. Or, split the meal with a spouse or friend. Additionally, don’t think an appetizer is just for before the meal. Order an appetizer as your meal.

2. Don’t think you have to eat everything on your plate: Yeah, our moms said otherwise. But we’re grown up now. Instead of eating everything, focus on the portion that you especially like, leaving items you like less. After all, dining out is an opportunity to eat what you enjoy.

3. Avoid restaurants where you’re going to eat unhealthy: Leave temptation behind. Go where you can order healthy and low fat foods.

4. Ask for substitutions of high fat foods: Go ahead, the staff shouldn’t mind. If they do, you’re in the wrong restaurant. Substitute french fries for a side salad or a vegetable.

5. If dining out at night, eat less during the day: If you’re planning a special dining experience, prepare throughout the day by watching your portions. Eat less at lunch. But don’t skip it. Going to a restaurant famished can lead to unhealthy ordering.

6. Eat 30 minutes before your meal: Eat a fruit or carrot sticks. By not being super hungry, you can control what you order.

7. Avoid the food troughs: Buffets and all you can eat specials are not the place to stay on track of a healthy diet. Just avoid them, plain and simple.

This video has some great recommendations for eating out healthy

Where else to get healthy dining out information:

Let me know if you have any other ideas on eating out healthy during our middle age.


Effie Arditi, Mealway

That’s a great video!
Great tips.
Actually, that’s what i’m trying to do everyday..

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