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Middle Age Birthday Musings on the Journey

My wife, Debi, and I visited Mickler’s Landing at Ponte Vedra Beach for a Birthday sunrise. As I snapped a photo, seagulls greeted us on this beautiful morning.

Today, I turn 49. I celebrated the start of the day in a tradition I started many years ago with a sunrise over Mickler’s Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Seagulls greeted us. And the chilly air was crystal clear. A great location and moment to cultivate the silence and reflect on my thoughts and journey.

Depending on how you measure middle age, I’m either not quite middle middle age, or about to enter the flip side of my journey toward senior citizenhood a decade or more from now.

Regardless of the number, I feel that I’m only as old as I feel. Some days I feel young and ignorant. On others, I feel wise, youthful and experienced. And then sometimes, I feel old and worn down.

How youthful I feel seems to correspond with the health and life choices I make. That’s the wisdom and experience component kicking in. Putting what I know about health and nutrition into practice…well…that ignorant part of me sure likes to kick up a ruckus. But wisdom is winning most days.

For Middle Age Health, We Live in Exciting Times

I feel fortunate. Pursuing a healthy midlife is much easier today than probably at any other time in our history. Health and wellness information is literally a mouse click (or finger touch on a smart phone) away.

The Harvard Medical School and Mayo clinic are just some of the institutions providing well-researched health information.

The American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association provide information that’s invaluable for those of us in middle age.

There’s also a growing community of health and wellness advocates turning conventional wisdom on its head. Many of these advocates come from the medical field, like Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Writers across the Web are journaling their transformations, inspiring and educating an audience hungry to start their own healthy journey. Steph at Midlife Makeover Year, Shelly at My Journey to Fit, and Michelle and Toi at Healthier Twist are just a few. The health and sustainable movement is gaining a foothold in many communities and being documented in sites like Shift Your Habit and Trish Michaels’ Sustainable North Florida.

It’s exciting to be a small part of this online community.

Putting It all Into Action

Middle age should be a time of adventure. It’s a period where we have the opportunity to learn from yesterday, accept who we are today and start directing tomorrow’s journey.

Healthy Midlife began as a way to document what my wife, Debi, and my good friends, Devin and Kathy, learn about health, nutrition and fitness in middle age. To learn what steps we could take today to remain healthy and fit when we enter our senior years. I plan to continue documenting what we learn in 2012. And start chronicling how we’re putting what we learn into practice.

For me, it will be about journaling a transformative journey as I integrate nutrition, fitness, relationship and spirituality into a lifestyle that will sustain me well into the next several decades and the next thousand sunrises.

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