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Midlife GPS: Get Out of Hell and Back into Life

A famous quote goes something like this “if you find yourself in hell, keep going” by Winston Churchill.

Well, since entering midlife I’ve experienced a few situations that have felt like hell; the loss of my parents, my husband of 21 years, and my 24 year career and like the quote says, I kept on going. My take on the quote is more like “if you find yourself in hell, pick up the step, you made a wrong turn somewhere and you better check your GPS.” By the way, OnStar is available in hell.

Midlife changes will have an impact on your life. The older you get, the more challenges you face, it’s as simple as that. The good news is that you are better prepared to handle stress thanks to the thousands of life experiences you have already lived.

I believe you have control over more than you think. Ultimately, you choose your attitude and the way you handle the situation before you. Yes, devastation and hell can come into your path but you can drive right through them and find sunshine on the other side.

It’s never easy and I don’t want to make light of these difficult times but life is too short to dwell on the misery, causing you to miss the present and lose sight of the future.

A recent observational study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, is published online in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association. “Our work suggests that people who expect the best things in life actively take steps to promote health” study researcher Eric Kin says.

I believe in the power of positive thinking and one of my favorite books is The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. It’s about having faith in yourself and making good things happen to you. If you haven’t read it, take a little down time and do some positive reading and you might just want to check your GPS while you’re at it.




Great article Debi.
I have found myself in unpleasant or even devastating situations where I don’t know how or if I can even keep going. Seems like at times you just reach your limit but then find something positive to keep you going. Maintaining a positive attitude when the chips are down will get you through the hard times that are thrown at you from time to time.


Thanks for your comments. We all go through our own unique challenges but like you said “maintaining a positive attitude through the hard times will get you through”. I look forward to seeing more comments from you in the future!

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