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Our Review of the Vitamix 5200


My morning green smoothie made with kale, spinach, banana and pineapple.

While sitting on my patio this morning, I enjoyed a cold spinach, kale, banana and pineapple smoothie. Yes, spinach and kale for breakfast. It’s all a part of my master plan to increase my fiber, minerals and vitamins in a delicious, easy way. And my Vitamix makes it all possible.

For years, I’ve desired a Vitamix. My fellow Healthy Midlife friends, Debi and Grant, have raved about theirs. To be honest, I always thought these blenders to be a bit pricey. After all, I could pick a blender up at Walmart for well less than $100. How big a difference in performance could they be right? A blender is a blender.

Not just Debi and Grant, but many of my friends had one and would boast its wonders from smoothies to soups, homemade hummus and bean dip.

But I stubbornly avoided the trend. I had finally graduated to a Magic Bullet, which seemed to do the trick with fruits as long as I put the frozen berries in the microwave for 20 seconds. I would still have some chunks of ice but it was ok. Look how much money I was saving, I thought, as I crunched on large cubes of ice.

It was basically only a smoothie maker. Unfortunately, beefing up my smoothies with healthy kale and spinach just wasn’t in the cards for the Bullet. It just didn’t grind up the fibrous vegetables the way the smoothie shops did. Yep, I would secretly step out to buy my fruit and veggie smoothies. How was that for saving money with an inexpensive and inefficient blender?

Then one day, I decided to bite the “bullet”—so to speak. I decided it was time to join the Vitamix club.

Vitamix Control Panel
Variable 10 speed and high powered boost of power.

Why I Bought the Vitamix 5200

Buying a Vitamix isn’t as simple as just picking one out. I looked on Amazon and it was a bit confusing with all the available models.

I determined the best value for my dollar was the Vitamix 5200. It had variable speeds. A workhorse of an engine that would obliterate any vegetable matter I gave it. And just as importantly, the red color complements my kitchen. After all my plan was to leave it out on the counter so I would use it everyday. Oh, and it included a recipe book and DVD to get me started.


See more details about the Vitamix 5200 on Amazon

Ready to Blend
Loaded and ready to go!

My 8 Months Experience

Can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I purchased the Vitamix 5200. I use it almost daily. I’m not only using it for smoothies but, as expected, I have made many other things.

The Vitamix 5200 has a 2 HP motor that grinds up everything. It has a high/low lever and 10 variable speeds.

Hummus made easy with my new Vitamix 5200.

I have crushed ice, made homemade hummus and black bean dip, soups and I never have to thaw anything in the microwave before making my smoothie. No lumps in anything.

The Vitamix has replaced both my Bullet and food processor. I have chopped vegetables and made fresh salsa.

When making highly frozen items to eat with a spoon, using the plunger may be necessary to push the ingredients into the blade but I’ve never found any issue with food items not mixing properly. Sometimes I feel like Dan Akroyd with a Bass-o-matic.

Cleaning Vitamix
Clean up is so easy. Water, drop of dish soap and turn on for 20 seconds. Rinse and return to the base.

Many blenders I’ve used in the past have come apart by the blade which caused many issues with leaking. It even caused me hesitate using it between leaking and clean up.

The Vitamix wins on both counts. No leaks and clean up is a breeze. Just lift the container directly off the base, rinse out the food. Put a drop of dish soap with water in the container and blend for 20 seconds. Rinse out and you are ready to go again.

When you consider the ease of use, replacement of that smoothie maker, blender and a food processor, it’s really not that expensive. Under $500 for a daily kitchen tool with a 7-year guarantee, it is a great value.

Debi and Grant have had their Vitamix for years now and it’s still going strong. I highly recommend the Vitamix and specifically model 5200. If you are in the market for a top-notch blender and are wanting to eat healthier; don’t wait years like I did.

Click here for a video of what came with the Vitamix 5200 we purchased through Amazon.