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Schedule a Sex Date with your Partner

Does it seem like you just don’t have time for each other? The kids, the bills, the yard, the house, the dogs, the “everything” but your spouse. Forget spontaneity, schedule a sex date with your partner in life.

This is especially important as you reach middle age and experience the challenges of midlife changes. Mundane routines, job entrapment, overwhelming crisis every time you turn around, you need something to look forward to and you need some alone time to reconnect, refresh and regroup with each other. Scheduling a romantic dinner and a hotel for a few hours will ignite your passions and help to reenergize your life. Perhaps you can partner with another couple (not what you think) to watch each others kids, pets, house for the evening.

Monthly sex dates give you something to look forward to and fantasize about all month long. As we age, we need more physical contact,  reassurance, and passion. Sexual desire doesn’t end just because you hit your 40’s, it’s just that so many other life issues take precedence.

Make your physical and emotional needs a priority. A healthy sex life is important. Have a monthly sex date and it will help you deal with all the other pressures life throws at you. Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

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