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Slow out of the Gate

I wanted to post an update to how my side of the midlife weight loss challenge is going. I’ve been going down this path for two weeks now. I didn’t get a chance to post last week post is for week one and week two.

Week One

The first 4 days were great. I was motivated. As I stated, the challenge of competition helps me so I was ready for success. I ate salads at work and we ate at home those first days so I was on top of my game.

Thursday night we met a friend for dinner and we went to a favorite Asian Bistro and I ate poorly. The rest of the weekend was full of class reunion and memorial picnics and I made poor choices.

I did actually loose 1 pound that first week which is probably due to the success earlier in the week. I did sign up for a produce delivery service where they deliver produce right to your door along with the recipes to make what was delivered. This was done purposefully so if we had fresh produce we would cook at home more and get our veggies in.

Week Two

I did much better this week. The produce was delivered on Wednesday which actually kept us home for dinner on a night I wanted to go out. I was excited that everything looked so good so we cooked at home instead of dining night. We did go out Saturday night but went to a healthier restaurant that cooks with local produce so I had a fairly light dinner. I lost 1.2 lbs. Although I ate healthy foods, I think I consumed high sodium foods and snacked a bit too often. I will work on those things as well as other things I listed.

In my first post I indicated I thought making some changes would help my success. This is how I did.

Cut sugar out of my diet – I have avoided chocolate in the two candy dishes near my desk at work. I had been easing into one or two a day mode which adds up. I will admit to two small bites of a chocolate pecan pie Saturday night when out to dinner with friends but otherwise successful.

Cut down on fatty foods – The first week I had a few things that were fried as we had dined out or attended celebrations several times at the end of that week. I definitely made some poor choices at the end of the first week.

Cut down on red meat – we have been eating much more fish and chicken or meatless meals. I am sticking to a couple of red meat servings a week.

Drink more water – Once I get in the habit I do well with this. I have been drinking at least 8 – 8 oz glasses a day since started. I try to get more in if I can.

Eat home more often – this week was much better than last week because of the Memorial holiday and Devin’s class reunion. We have had all the fresh veggies in the house so we have ate home much more often.

Seek out healthier recipes – the produce deliver has come with recipes. We have tried a couple of them and they were delicious. I also have tried some light marinades for chicken which have been good as well.

Exercise 3-5 days a week – This is where I’ve struggled. I’ve been trying to juggle a busy life with finding time to exercise. I exercised 2 days in both weeks. I will work on this harder in the weeks to come because I know this will be key to my weight loss.

Making getting healthy a priority – I think I did better the last two weeks than I have recently but I can do better on both eating and exercise.


What’s next?

My progress is slow to start. I would have expected a better loss this week but the scale didn’t show it. I’m in this for 3 months hopefully next weeks loss will be better so I can get closer to  my goals.

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