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We All Make Choices

When I started down my midlife path (late 30’s and early 40’s), things just happened. I found out I was diabetic, blood pressure went up and I was developing acid reflux. Of course, there is a pill for just about everything so I found I was taking 7 pills a day and I was only in my 40’s. My mom, who I seem to favor (also diabetic, blood pressure issues, blah, blah, blah) was taking even more pills than I was.

I was seeing my fate and I didn’t like how it looked. I love my mother and there are many reasons I’m proud to be “like her” but I didn’t want to be just like her in this case. Is it inevitable that you are going to take after your parents with your heath? Is it genes, environment or your decisions that make a difference in your health outcome? I think it’s a little of each.

Many of my friends are on medications even though they are considered healthy. Sometimes you do have to take medication even through you are doing your best to make healthy choices. I will admit I was not doing my best and was just letting life happen to me.

When I entered my mid-forties, I decided to start taking action. I lost a few pounds, go to the gym and exercise much more frequently than I ever did. I try to make good choices but having made bad choices for so long I’m definitely not perfect. I only take 2 pills a day instead of seven and I participate in walking events. It’s really a lifestyle change for me and keeps me going and making goals for myself.

I found that awareness is the key for me. I try to educate myself on nutrition, fitness and stress management. In a sense, it’s become my hobby learning about these topics and sharing them through

I no longer let things just happen to me anymore. I succeed more often in making good food choices and exercise when I can. I hope to get healthier every year instead losing my good health.

Middle age can be a time for positive changes. It’s never too late to start getting healthy. Life is all about choices. You can choose to be healthy or let life happen. It’s your choice.


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