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What To Do About Vacation??

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Now that you are off to a healthy diet plan and fitness plan when you have a normal routine, what happens when you go on that vacation? All your normal habits can go out the window if you aren’t careful. Here are some tips to help you to make your trip a little easier.

  1. Plan ahead. If possible, make a loose agenda so you know how to plan meals and exercise.
  2. Avoid fast food stops and truck stop food.
  3. If you are on a car trip, bring a cooler with fruit and healthy choices. Packing snacks will help you to avoid the impulse purchases when you stop for gas.
  4. If you are flying, take a multi-vitamin or “Airborne” before flying. It can help you so you don’t catch a cold or flu bug that will damper the rest of your trip.
  5.  Avoid the temptation of “all you can eat” buffets. If you find yourself there make sure the majority of food is fruits and vegetables.
  6. If you are visiting family or friends, let them know you are trying to eat healthier so they don’t make all those fattening things you love to help avoid that temptation.
  7. Be careful about alcohol consumption. One margarita can be 150-500 calories.
  8. Keep your mind in it. If you aren’t careful you will make one bad decision leading to another.
  9. Fit exercise in where ever possible. Park in the back of a shopping mall or take a walk after dinner. Make a conscious effort to move. Take advantage of the workout rooms hotels provide.
  10. Try to stay on your diet and fitness plan but don’t try to lose weight. Eat healthy meals and snacks but allow yourself a special treat. After all you are on vacation.

Here’s a good video that gives examples of how to work exercise into your vacation. The Virgin Islands is the example but you can do this anywhere.

Vacation is all about having a good time and enjoying special experiences. Research where you are going and find fun physical activities that will allow you to see the area you are going to. Try not to let a vacation take you off your path to a healthy midlife!



good variety, having a video. Keep up the good work Kath and all

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